Tai Chi
Beginner Form 1
The first third of the Form is called "the Human Level" and it focuses on the movement of Chi through your body. You will get acquainted with all the Principles of Tai Chi. This part of the Form is also known as "the Healing Third" because it provides the greatest support to your essence. 10 Classes.

Beginner Form 2
Throughout this training you will deepen your knowledge of the Principles and note that it will become easier to relax into the work. This second third of the Form is called "the Earth Level". It focusses on strengthening the Chi circulating through your joints. 10 Classes.

Beginner Form 3
After completing B3, you will know all 37 positions of the Form and you will be able to execute them in the right order. This third and last part of the Form is called "the Heaven Level" of perfect perception. You will discover a deeper sense of balance and relaxation in your body and mind. 10 Classes.

Prerequisites: None

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