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Oscar Ichazo

With a regular practice of these meditations, the State of Sudden Enlightenment is experienced and attained. The degrees of the Lights are actually experienced, making permanent and crystallizing the State of Pristine Enlightenment. The Clear Light, or the Diamond Light, is discovered as a series of colors, as experienced in the Velocity Initiation with the Universe yantra. The awareness of the Immortal Soul becomes Immovable and Perfect. The experience of unity with the heart of all humanity — past, present and future — becomes a constant companion, and is the source of the most precious moral and virtuous Ethos. There is a profound sense of perfect peace of mind and happiness of heart that arises from the Pure State of Bliss from the fountainhead of our Immortal Soul. The attainment of real Mystical States and True Reality in its actuality and transcendentality is found in this practice.

If you are new to the work, please arrive 15 minutes earlier for initiation. First-time participants can attend this group training at no cost, as our guests.

Prerequisites: Initiation
Length of Practice: 2½ hours group practice