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Oscar Ichazo

The Core Fire: Awaken · Generate · Revitalize training is a day of awakening, generating and revitalizing oneself with the energy (chi) of our Core Fire. With Kath energy first being awakened in the Kath and then expanding out into the core area of the body, the entire body will actually experience with this awareness the inner fire or chi in a direct and alive way.

The day's practice is open to all, presenting a systematic awakening of our Kath energy across a series of exercises that open a way to experience, embody, and generate Kath energy, revitalizing oneself with the heightened awareness that is found when the Kath is fully awakened. The complete series of exercises is also available in a book (Arica® Institute membership required), providing a reference for at-home practice. At the end of the day, two meditations will close the Work, generating Kath energy to enter the Higher States, with a user-friendly format that will be easily assimilated by seasoned and new practitioners alike.

This training includes well-established chi-generating methods of the Arica School® and a new exercise that will ensure the experience of Kath energy being generated can be employed after the day's Work as a proven method to immediately awaken Kath energy.

This is an excellent training for getting your Kath energy moving with the orientation of real awareness. For those new to the Arica Work, it is an excellent introduction into the Work, providing Oscar’s methods of integrating the mind and body into a united State of a Calm-abiding Mind.
Prerequisites: None
Training Length: One-day group training